Uniform Policy and Procedure (Policy No. 0.2.1)

School uniforms are required for all students attending Casa Esperanza Montessori. All uniforms are to be neat, clean, and in good condition. Torn, tattered, or dirty uniforms are unacceptable. Any student who comes to school out of dress code will not be allowed to remain in the classroom, and a parent will be required to bring the appropriate clothing.

It should be assumed that if an article of clothing is not addressed in these guidelines, it is not allowed.

Children’s House, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary

Navy-blue and Dockers-style chino, corduroy or knit material ONLY for pants, shorts, skirt, skort or jumper dress. Solid-blue (no plaid) jumper dresses only, must be worn with dress code compliant top. Solid-blue, polo-style shirt dresses are allowed.

Skirt, dress, skort, and short lengths should be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Girls may wish to wear shorts (school colors of navy, red, or white only) under their skirts or dresses because they will be sitting on the floor frequently.

All pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and shirts are to be worn around the waist and are not to be lowered, rolled down, or under.

Red or White turtle-neck or polo-style knit shirt with short or long sleeves or a collared white button-down style shirt or collared blouse (long or short sleeves).

A polo shirt is one that has buttons from chest area up (3 buttons) and a collar; is knit cotton or cotton/polyester blend (no slick or silky fabric). Polos with low cut buttons on must remain buttoned at all times.

Polo-style shirts should be solid in color and not display a name brand logo (i.e. Ralph Lauren horse, Izod Lacoste alligator, Hilfiger flag, Aeropostale AERO or A87, Hollister seagull, GAP, etc).

Henley shirts and camisoles are allowed, but only under polo-style shirt and only in red, white or blue.

Solid red, navy, or white only. No patterns or other colors permitted; no wording or logos.
Closed toe fabric/leather shoes/boots with buckles, laces, or Velcro tabs. Plastic footwear is not recommended.

Unacceptable footwear: slip-on shoes (such as Crocs), zip-on shoes, sandals, mules, or other toeless or open back shoes; character footwear, footwear with light-up or other “special” effects (wheels, spins, sparkles, glitter, etc.); heels higher than 1 inch.

Boots must not have high heels, chains, spikes or spurs. Shoes must be correctly laced and tied at all times.

May not be emblazoned with characters (i.e. Dora the Explorer, Spider Man, Disney characters, etc.) and is not to be worn in the classroom.
Socks/tights: Solid navy, red, or white only.

Leggings: Only acceptable if navy blue or white and worn under dress, skirt, or skort.

No sunglasses, hats or caps, visors or headgear of any kind are to be worn inside the school.

Lunch Box: May not be emblazoned with characters (i.e. Dora the Explorer, Spider Man, Disney characters, etc.), no patterns, and as plain as possible.

Backpack: May not be emblazoned with characters (i.e. Dora the Explorer, Spider Man, Disney characters, etc.) or special effects such as twinkle lights.

No wheels on backpacks will be allowed for Children’s House or Lower Elementary.

Middle Grades (6th, 7th, and 8th)

Please follow all above guidelines except for clothing color combinations, described below.

Two combinations will be allowed:

  1. Khaki-colored Dockers-style chino, corduroy or knit material pants, shorts, skirt, skort paired with a solid navy, red, or white polo-type shirt.
  2. Navy-blue Dockers-style chino, corduroy or knit material pants, shorts, skirt or skort paired with a solid red or white polo-type shirt.

*No blue on blue combination

*For off-campus field trips, khaki pants with blue shirt will continue to be the required attire.

The dress code will be enforced. Please make sure that your child is in compliance each morning before coming to school. Casa Esperanza administration has the authority to determine whether or not an item is acceptable to dress code. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office.