In order to keep our school as safe as possible, criminal background checks are required for ALL volunteers and those who serve as drivers and/or chaperones on field trips. Please remember that you need to renew your background check each year. The deadline for completing your background checks is September 30, 2021. Background checks can be done from home and are free of cost for the first two members of your family. After the September 30th deadline families will have to pay $20 to process a background check.

We have contracted with Certified Background to conduct our background checks. Instructions on how to complete the background check are provided below. In order to volunteer with our school, you will need to complete the background check at least 10 business days before your first volunteer day and/or field trip.

If you believe you will be volunteering at any time this school year, we encourage you to complete your background check before you need it. We will not be able to make exceptions to our policy. Each family will be given two pin numbers before the September 30th deadline if you need additional pin numbers there will be a charge of $20. Please contact Barbara Cooke to obtain additional pin numbers.

Definition of volunteer

A school volunteer is a person willing to help to expand and enrich the students’ learning experiences by working under the direction of  teachers and school staff.

A volunteer:

  • Is any non-paid adult appointed by a school administrator or its designee.
  • Includes, but may not be limited to, parents, senior citizens, students over the age of 18.
  • Assists teachers in supervising students on field trips, including driving students on field trips.
  • Assists in coaching students in special activities.

Background checks for volunteers

Our Human Resources Coordinator, Anna Foley, supervises the background checks for the school. All information is handled in a confidential manner.

Castlebranch is a secure platform that allows you to order your background check online from home. There is no cost to you. In order to complete this process you must:

Go to and enter package code CU85basic under place order.
You will be directed to set up your Castlebranch account.
In addition to entering your full name and date of birth, you will be asked for your social security number, current address, phone number and e-mail address.
In order to complete your order you will be asked for a PIN number. The PIN number is your carpool tag number.
Your results will be posted directly to your Castlebranch account. You will be notified if there is any missing information needed in order to process your order. Your order will be shown as “In Process” until it has been completed in its entirety.
The Human Resources Coordinator will be able to securely view the results online with their username and password.
If you have any problems with the background check system, please contact Barbara Cooke.

Background checks for field trips – drivers

In addition to the above volunteer background check, the school must receive the following information 10 days before the field trip for which you plan to drive:

  • a copy of valid Driver’s License
  • proof of valid car insurance (insurance must be valid at time of trip)
  • non-certified driving record from Department of Motor Vehicle. This can be obtained either by:

There is a cost of $10 to obtain this record.