SAVE THE DATE 11.28.22

First Day of School at Star Road on November 28th!

First Day of School at Star Road!

Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School begins a new chapter in our history, with the commencement of our first day at our new school location at 10510 Star Road, just off of Capital Boulevard in Wake Forest on Monday, November 28th.

Our students, families, teachers and staff have been greatly anticipating our full-time transition to the new building since we held our ground-breaking ceremony earlier this year. With final preparations being made, our new “Casa” is ready to serve our community and help students realize their potential in an environment that can support them at every level.

The new building will contain pre-K up to 8th grade, making it convenient for our families with multiple children to drop off/pick up in the same location. At Star Road, the new school has two levels with upper grades on the second floor and lower grades on the first floor. The building features a new gymnasium, band room, art room, science rooms, and smart technology in every classroom. The school campus also houses a new field which will be developed for our athletics program.

Please be sure to check back often at the Casa Esperanza website and on social media for the latest developments, as we settle into our new “Casa” in Wake Forest.