Celebration of Life


An ocular melanoma diagnosis is not something we celebrate but there are still moments to be celebrated:

If you would like to celebrate the life of a lost loved one, an anniversary of your diagnosis, successful treatment or just making it one more day, you can do that here.  A Cure In Sight will create a custom web page with your own URL to share with your friends and family.

Fill out the contact form on this page and then supply us with your story and photos. A Cure In Sight will put together a page just for you.  Each page will come with your own donate button to keep track of donations that are in your honor.  We will send you your completed page for review and make any changes that you would like.  Once it is complete, you can share your page.  After you have received donations,  we will send you a complete list of all who donated so you can thank them for being a part of your journey or celebrating the life of your loved one.

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    Lauren Ellen Walters

    May 23, 1956 – February 18, 2021

    “If you can change the life of one person, you can change the world.”

    Throughout her lifetime, Laurie Walters changed a lot of lives. She built her life around doing what she loved best: teaching children.

    Laurie grew up in Mar Vista, California, a […]


    Suzanne Lescure

    15 years of no evidence of disease for conjunctival ocular melanoma!

    I am Suzanne Lescure, and last week I visited my melanoma oncologist, which I do once a year every year.
    I just hit a huge milestone!
    I just celebrated my 15 years of no evidence of disease for conjunctival ocular […]


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    Milestones Test

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