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Tumor Biopsy

A biopsy may be taken at the time of a patient’s initial tumor treatment, and is highly recommended. The newly diagnosed patient should inquire with their treating surgeon/oncologist about obtaining a fine-needle biopsy. The biopsy material can be used for prognostic testing to determine how likely it is that the tumor will spread.

Castle Biosciences offers a test that can determine the “Class” of the patient’s tumor. A Class 1 tumor is least aggressive, while a Class 2 tumor is most aggressive. This information is important in setting a schedule for scans and blood work over the first few years after initial treatment. Additional testing like PRAME testing and DNA sequencing can also be performed from the same biopsy sample, if desired. The results of the sequencing test may yield knowledge about gene mutations that the patient’s OM tumor carries. The goal for this testing is to provide access for OM patients into clinical trials as well as to identify possible personalized targeted therapies.

Impact genetics also offers prognostic testing that can determine XXX. As with all treatment recommendations, second opinions are always an option for patients seeking initial treatment advice.

For more detailed information about the prognostic tests that are available for uveal melanoma patients, click the links below: